Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is one of the methods we use to apply artwork to our paper & padded certificate holder products. It is the best method available for decorating colored paper. Artwork for foil stamping should be “line art” using only solid fills and lines without half-tones or screen tints. The artwork is applied to the paper using heat and pressure, and will generally leave a slight flat indentation of the foil into the paper.

Flat foil stamping uses a flat foil stamping die which is typically made of magnesium or copper.

The artwork is photo-etched into the metal as a reverse image.

Foil material is a roll of plastic film that has color in the form of pigment or dye applied to it.

With the application of heat and/or pressure, an adhesive coat bonds the foil to the material being stamped. Metallic foils have a thin layer of metal, usually aluminum, between the color and the adhesive. This provides the reflective quality and opacity that make metallic foils so desirable. Our most popular foil colors are shown on our Foil Color Chart. Metallic Foils include Gold, Silver and a series of other Metallized Colors with mirror or matte finishes. Non-Metallic Colors have a gloss finish. Other types of foils are available on a Special Order basis including Holographic Patterns, Matte Finish Non-Metallic Colors, Pastel Colors, Pearlescent Colors, and Tint Foils.