Adobe InDesign

Transparency Flattener Presets

Before biggining to work on your project's art, make sure the Documents Transparency Flattener Presets are correct. On the Menu bar, click Edit, then select Documents Transparency Flattener Presets... Click High Resolution, then OK.

Placing Images
To place an image or graphic in Adobe InDesign, on the menu bar click File, then Place. Use the window that comes up to navigate to the file you want to place, select it, then click Open (Note: make sure the Replace Selected Item check box is NOT checked). A small icon with an arrowhead and paintbrush appears. Move this icon to the top left of the position you want to place the image or graphic in your document or on the pasteboard and left click. The image or graphic appears. Now fine tune the placement of the object either through the Transform tools or by using the click-and-drag method.

Spot Colors

When working with spot or PMS colors, make sure you select only PANTONEĀ® Solid Coated (for coated papers) or PANTONEĀ® Solid Uncoated (for uncoated papers) colors. Do not choose Matte, Solid-to-Process, Hexachrome, EURO or any other type of PANTONEĀ® color. Do not choose HSB, LAB, RGB, TOYO, TRUMATCH or web-safe colors. Do not mix different types of color within a document. For instance, do not set artwork as PMS 185 C in one piece of art, PMS 185 U, in another and PMS 185 CVC in yet another. When the document goes to press they will show up as three different color seperations instead of one.

Preflight the Artwork

Before you send us files, select Preflight from the file menu. This will let you check that all fonts are loaded, all images are linked and of the correct type (tiff or eps, cmyk). Cancel this box to exit if all is ok. If not, note the problems and correct before proceeding.

Sending Native .indd Files

After checking your file for: fonts are all loaded; images are linked, tiff or eps and cmyk format; colors are all set to process (not spot), continue to click on the Package button. This will copy all images and fonts along with the InDesign file to a new folder ready to send off to be printed. In the next window, put a checkmark by: copy fonts, copy linked graphics, update graphic links in package, include fonts and links from hidden layers. (Even though a layer is hidden, the elements are still in the file. Either delete the hidden layer (best option, smaller file size) or be sure to include the hidden layer elements. Files will not print if elements are not included.