Placing Images

To place an image or graphic in QuarkXPress, choose the Rectangle Picture Box Tool from the Tools Palette. Use it to create a box by clicking and holding the left mouse button while dragging on the document. With the new box selected, click File on the menu bar, then Get Picture. Use the window that comes up to navigate to the file you want to place, select it, then click Open. The image or graphic appears in the box. Now fine tune the placement of the box and the object within the box, either through the Measuerments Palette or by using the click-and-drag method.

Spot Colors

When working with spot or PMS colors, make sure you select only PANTONE® Solid Coated (for coated papers) or PANTONE® Solid Uncoated (for uncoated papers) colors. Do not choose Matte, Solid-to-Process, Hexachrome, EURO or any other type of PANTONE® color. Do not choose HSB, LAB, RGB, TOYO, TRUMATCH or web-safe colors. Do not mix different types of color within a document. For instance, do not set artwork as PMS 185 C in one piece of art, PMS 185 U, in another and PMS 185 CVC in yet another. When the document goes to press they will show up as three different color seperations instead of one. instead of one.

Preflight the Artwork

Before sending us your files, it is a good idea to preflight them using software such as Markzware’s FlightCheck. This will allow you to make sure all the links are current and all the fonts are loaded before running "collect for output" (see below).

Sending Native QuarkXPress .qxd Files

Please utilize utilities such as Quark’s collect for output or Markzware’s FlightCheck to collect all the fonts and elements you used to create the file. FlightCheck will also review your files so you can see that all images are CMYK, at least 350 dpi, and that all fonts are present.

If any elements are missing or created incorrectly, the printing and delivery of your job will be delayed while we contact you for missing files or clarification.

Save as EPS and/or Export Layout as PDF

Although it is possible to save a Quark page as an eps or export a document as a PDF, we do not recommended do either. Doing so results in embedded and/or nested files, and the resulting files are either not editable or are extremely difficult to edit.