Let's Get Started
Due to the fact that all of our products are custom made with many variables, we prefer to communicate directly with you to provide the most accurate and best service available for your project.
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4 ways to get Your project started

       bulletClick the “Request a Quote” Icon on any of our website pages by                                   completing and submitting the Request form.quote

              Call us at 1-800-296-4321 option 1

                          For a brief discussion on your custom project and on the spot quote

              Live Chat for instant service   

                  Email us at sales@folders.com

                         Include all your contact information and a pdf or file of your concept

                                 Pricing can take between 1-24 hrs.


 Tips to help you get started
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            Items or info you want to have on hand prior to calling to help speed the process.

                         Your folder concept (if available) In .pdf or some other viewable format.

            Your logo in its native format, as a .ai or .eps format.

                         Have an idea of how what type of folder material and type of
                         decoration you prefer (printing/foil stamping/embossing) and a rough
                          Idea of the quantity required.

                IF you don’t have all this information on hand, NO Worries. We will be happy to help                  guide you step by step through the entire process.

                         Just give us a Call!     1-800-296-4321  x1